Why Zento?

“Streamline and significantly reduce time spent on processing employee expense and benefit claims, advances and reimbursements with Zento.”

Facilitate expense management

Help staff manage their expenses centrally and without hassle. With Zento, they can easily submit, reconcile, see the status of and reclaim their expense claims and imbursements. Managers view all expenses pending their approval on their own dashboards, at one place.

Track every expense

Zento tracks your workforce’s expenses. All expenses incurred can be filtered and arranged – by date, value, employee, department, expense type, location, etc., giving you transparent, holistic insights into the expenses incurred.

Minimize search, maximize action

Zento is designed to highlight actionable data quickly and with the least amount of effort. Managers spend far less time tracking down expense data they need to act upon, while customizable search parameters ensure your organization’s specific taxonomy and data structure is taken into consideration.

Use in-built and customized reports to analyze and frame business policies

Zento allows you to generate a number of reports that enable stakeholders to carry out trend analysis and financial planning/ budgeting. New report formats tailored to your needs can also be created. Zento also enables you to fix baseline metrics and monitor compliance and spending trends in your organization.

Single Point, Secure System

ECPS acts as a central point of access and can be accessed remotely, all while keeping all relevant information and data secure. Your company’s spending policies and claim processes are available for employee’s to view and refer to in an easily accessible centralized place.

More Benefits:

  • Get total visibility of claims settled in various sectors of the organization
  • Better control and vigilance
  • Eligibility-wise distribution and control of costs
  • Eliminate manual data consolidation processes