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Hospitality Industry

There’s an important saying in the hospitality industry – ‘Sell the Right Room to the Right Client at the Right Moment at the Right Price on the Right Distribution Channel with the best commission efficiency’ – this just about sums it up! Hotel revenue management is exceedingly significant. Client satisfaction and pricing are crucial dynamic variables for this industry. What’s more, a surge of internet users and a rise of Online Travel Agencies and Review Portals have added another facet to this industry.


Zento makes it easy for hotel and restaurant chains to manage all the business and travel expenses employees bear on the company’s behalf. Whether it’s procurement of goods, traveling to training programs or reassignment to a new property or country, Zento facilitates and consolidates all these expenses into one platform, making it easier for employees to file claims and for HR & Accounts to approve them.

Digital Platform to File and Process Expense Claims

Front desk, managers and other employees can log into Zento from any device, on the move. Instead of carrying paper receipts and manually submitting them, they scan a copy, add any additional details that might be relevant, and submit claims within a couple of clicks.

Digital Platform Claims Image - Zento

Comprehensive Spend Visibility and Absolute Transparency

You gain full visibility into employee expenditure. Zento helps you make sense of spending patterns, and all employee expenses associated with individual properties, or departments. With top-down reports that allow comparison, cost inefficiencies are easy to identify and budgets by job role or department can be optimized.

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Global Access and Compliance. Stay Connected

Information on employee expenditure can be shared with teams across the world, and compliance reports can be customized and generated easily, saving hours of manual effort.

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Automatic disbursements and ERP updates

Integrations with banking and ERPs allow approvers to settle outstanding reimbursements much quicker, without having to repeatedly follow manual processes for each employee. Data from Zento can be sent to accounting packages to update financials in real time.

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