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FMCG Industry

Handling expenses & invoices for goods production, packaging, logistics & field operations at the distributor, wholesaler & retailer levels on a daily basis is a daunting task for any FMCG company. Zento seamlessly integrates all your diversified business & travel spends to speed-up & simplify invoice submission and its settlement right from the manufacturer to the retailer level and thus shorten & accelerate delivery cycles & aid quicker decision making by providing holistic insights into spending patterns through reports and analytics.


Digital Platform to File and Process Expense Claims

For an FMCG company, the amount of paperwork, physical files, stationary items, cabinets, office space, etc. to manage expenses can be an unnecessary cost sink without an always-online, cloud based solution like Zento. With Zento, every report or invoice, however old, is just few clicks away. Gone are the times of long hours and manual labor for expense management through physical ledgers.

Analytical Reporting for Spend Visibility and Transparency

Zento provides actionable insights that help fine tune operations by providing a complete analytical drill-down into expenses incurred and reported at every level of production and finance of the supply chain. Keeping tabs on spends of hundreds of suppliers is easily managed by Zento.

Stay Connected with all the Stakeholders

Irrespective of your company size, the configuration & management of distributors, wholesalers & retailers is quite simple in Zento. Dashboards keep things transparent & straightforward for everyone involved in expense reporting & management.

Stay Policy Complaint. Integrate with Corporate Expense Cards

Get a holistic picture of data pertaining to travel & business expenses captured through card charges and invoices & receipts. We’ve also tied up with Enkash to offer corporate expense cards that directly populate Zento with incurred spends. With Zento, your company can set a limit on reimbursable expenses & can track daily compliance through expense policies and budget allocations. Distributors & suppliers can avail of advance reconciliation of expenses.


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