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About Zento

Zento is a simple, intuitive, cloud-based application that replaces analog, outdated methods of settling business, travel and employee expense claims.

Our goal is to help organizations of all sizes expedite and simplify the otherwise cumbersome and inefficient process of gathering and processing business, travel and employee expense claims.

Key Features

Single-click expense

Attach receipts and related
paperwork to claims

Advance payments request

How It Works

Employee uploads expense claims

Manager approves/ disapproves claims

Payment team verifies approved claims

Finance team executes reimbursements

Why Zento

Manage Expenses with ease

Employees manage their expenses centrally & without hassle. With Zento, they can easily submit, reconcile & check the status of & reclaim their expense claims & reimbursements. All this on one single dashboard.

Maximize organizational Efficiency

Zento is designed to highlight actionable data quickly managers view all expenses pending their approval on their own dashboards, they spend far less time tracking down expense data they need to act upon, all expenses incurred...

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Companies reduce Expense Management costs by 30% by automating.

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