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Yes, you can upload your receipts in any language. However, the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature, which extracts the written text from the receipt image, currently only supports English language.

Zento supports most common formats for uploading your receipts, like PDF, JPG, PNG and DOCX. If a file format that’s used in your company is unsupported, let us know.

Yes, It is possible to upload multiple receipts to Zento.

Zento’s Web Application has a drag and drop feature for receipt uploads. For 10 receipt uploads, 10 draft records will be created, i.e 1 record for each receipt.

Attaching multiple receipts for a single expense is not allowed in Zento, in order to uphold checks and balances. Each expense must occur on only one receipt.

  1. Log in to the system. Your dashboard will be displayed.
  2. Click on Apply New Claim. A page with a list of claims made will be displayed.
  3. Go to the claim draft whose receipt attachment you wish to delete. Click the Edit icon present in the ‘Action’ field (the rightmost column of the list) for that claim draft’s row. Click Remove to delete the receipt attachment.
  4. Finally, click Update and your expense claim will be updated.

Mandatory receipts against expenses is dependent on your organization’s policies.


  1. Log in to the system.

  2. Click on the Apply New Expense button in the top right corner.

  3. Select the claim type and fill in the details.

  4. Submit

Zento currently supports INR (Indian Rupee). However, other currencies can be configured on request.

Your organization’s policies will usually be different for different expense types. Zento allows user to submit bulk expenses for different types in accordance with the organization’s policies as a claim and it is further processed for the approval in bulk. Every expense recording will have to follow the set policy for its type.

When an employee expends an amount on behalf of the organization, it is known as reimbursable expense. The amount spent on things like travel (domestic/foreign flights or railway), hotel, food, mobile, local (like travel by Uber or Ola), landline communication charges etc., and other expenses are defined as reimbursable expenses by organization’s policy.

Once you have submitted an expense, you cannot modify it. Only expenses in draft are modifiable. You will have to contact your approver in case of an error.

Once you login into the system, your dashboard will be displayed showing you your total expenses at a single glance by type as well as the status of each claim for the respective month and year you select through the drop down box.

Yes, it is possible. You can add new vendors, edit the details of existing vendors, activate or deactivate vendor accounts & also manage invoices and purchase orders. For more information on the Vendor Management Module, contact us.


You can set up to 5 levels of approval in the claim process.

Yes. Automatic approvals in Zento can be configured as per your company’s policy.

The admin can set up an automatic approval process for claims under different conditions:

  • Amount wise
  • Department wise
  • User wise
  • Band wise (or employee designation wise) etc.

Each category has its required conditions to be fulfilled and these conditions can be configured in Zento.

Yes. Zento supports auto-escalation of claims as per your company’s policy.

Yes, you can resubmit your claim in Zento if it gets rejected.

Zento has a separate section inbuilt for expenses made using credit cards, where the card data needs to be uploaded to the system via the Admin portal and it will be mapped to employee IDs.

Further, Zento is integrated with Enkash corporate expense cards, which are provided to every employee. Every transaction done via the card is automatically pulled into the system and listed as a draft expense.

Rejection can be done till the 5th level of approval and also by Accounts.

No. It only allows the user to claim from the recorded card transaction. The user will have their own panel to view all transaction details.

Yes, it is possible. Zento has an Advance module which can be linked to expense claims.


Yes. The import or export of data can be done via simple excel sheets or via APIs. Zento can integrate with your ERP system and HRIS/HRMS.


In such cases, the advance amount can be adjusted against future claims till it becomes zero.

Once you log in to the system, you can apply your claim by adding the proper voucher supporting the claim. It will list the expense as a draft in the system.

But, before submitting the claim, you need to fill all the required fields mentioned along with the claim.

You can edit/delete the expense before submission.

A report will be marked so after its settlement in the system by the Finance department.


Zento pricing primary depends on the company’s size and number of users. Our pricing is also correlated to the customization effort required for the company. Billing is done per user per month.

We currently have a single plan. All features are included by default.

Cancelling the subscription depends on the contract between the two parties. Usually, it is done with a month’s notice.

We do not have a direct payment system at the moment. For now, it is a monthly/half yearly/yearly system.

Payment options available are cash, cheque and bank transfer.

General Queries

Zento is a cloud-based SaaS. Usually, it is hosted on a sub-domain, for instance, ‘’ – where ‘gdata’ is your company’s dedicated subdomain on the Zento domain.

Training and initiation of Zento as part of your business process is part of the onboarding process. In addition to sharing a detailed user manual, we will train the administrators and a certain set of users, after which, regular support is available through our dedicated team to help fine tune operation of Zento.

It takes anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks depending on the customization needed as per your unique business processes.

Support will be provided via email and phone.

There are many savings, ranging from the time spent on validation by managers, digitization of the expense documents, fraud detection, follow ups, expense search, cost optimization through in-built reporting and analytics, etc.

The training we provide ensures ease of operation. Zento is made for all types of users. Additional support will be provided for any difficulties faced at any time.

Your password can be retrieved via the ‘Forgot password’ link provided in the Login page of Zento. Simply click on the link and follow the steps to retrieve your password.

Yes. The report status as well as its details can be viewed any time in Zento.

In addition to the robust security features provided in Zento, we also use the best of cloud infrastructure for our hosting. Kindly reach out to us for detailed information.

Real time failover for your data is provided. Whenever you require a dump of your data, we can provide you with the same.


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