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Facilitate Expense Management - Zento

Facilitate expense management

Employees manage their expenses centrally & without hassle. With Zento, they can easily submit, reconcile & check the status of & reclaim their expense claims & reimbursements. All this on one single dashboard.

Maximise Organizational Efficiency - Zento

Maximize organizational Efficiency

Zento is designed to highlight actionable data quickly managers view all expenses pending their approval on their own dashboards, they spend far less time tracking down expense data they need to act upon, all expenses incurred can be filtered & arranged - by date, value, employee, department, expense type, location, etc., giving you transparent, holistic insights into the expenses incurred.

Hellps In Budgeting And Planning - Zento

Helps in budgeting and planning

Zento allows users to generate a number of reports that enable stakeholders to carry out trend analysis & financial planning/budgeting. New report formats tailored to business requirements can also be created. Zento enables to fix baseline metrics and monitor compliance and spending trends in organization.

Single Point Secure System - Zento

Secure System with Single point of acess

Employees manage their expenses centrally & without hassle. With Zento, they can easily submit, reconcile and check the status of and reclaim their expense claims and imbursements.
All this on one single dashboard.

Risk Asset Management - Zento

Risk Management and Asset Tracking

Risk Management Zento helps to mitigates risks and losses against non legit claims made by users by use analytics and various built-in reporting features

Fraud Detection - Zento

Fraud Detection

With Zento, you can reduce risk & fraud by ensuring that reimbursement policies are clear, concise, and are consistently followed and enforced across your organization.

Risk Asset Management - Zento

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking User can tag assets bought on behalf of the company so that company can take benefit of the purchase.


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