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Manufacturing Industry

Factory employees end up wasting a lot of time manually submitting and managing their expense claims. Zento automates and makes it easier for employees to file and settle direct and indirect expense reimbursements, allowing them to concentrate on operations and production quality.

How Zento Can Help Manufacturing Enterprises

Zento integrates vendor, materials, labour, utilities and other sundry expenses, travel budgeting and invoicing into one, trouble-free solution. It takes into account the fact that each business, and manufacturing facility, has its own unique processes, workflows and policies. Customizable according to your business needs, you gain control over and visibility into expenditure, simplify compliance and ultimately gain valuable insights via analytics that help budget your cost centers better.

Speed of expense submission

With an interface designed to make the expense claim process lightning quick, Zento makes manual paper based filing of expenses seem slow and obsolete.

Speed of expense submission - Zento

Ease of use

Your personnel require no minimum level of education or experience to begin using Zento. It is extremely easy for end users to operate, and requires little to no training to start expense submissions and status tracking.

Ease of use Image - Zento

Operations management

The slighest change can have a massive impact on turnaround times and budgeting in manfacturing facilities. Insightful spend reports & analytics show you where and how your money is being spent, allowing you to affect increased productivity and yield, faster approvals, improved supplier negotiations, and better budgeting.

Operations management Image - Zento

Policies & compliance

Systemized tracking of direct and indirect expenses aids internal and external compliance. You can also define spending policies in a variety of ways taking into account many factors, like designation, department, phase of production, contract labor vs payroll employees, etc

Policies & compliance Image - Zento

Quick and clear invoicing

Streaming payments, protect cash leaks, set up checks and balances to avoid duplicate submissions and prevent policy circumvention.

Quick and clear invoicing Image - Zento

Expense reporting

Expense reporting becomes easier, clearer and more actionable with several reports that enable stakeholders to carry out trend analysis and financial planning/budgeting. Zento also enables you to fix baseline metrics and monitor compliance and spending trends in your organization.

Expense reporting Image - Zento


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