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Zento is a simple, intuitive, cloud-based application that replaces analog, outdated methods of settling business, travel and employee expense claims. Our goal is to help organizations of all sizes expedite and simplify the otherwise cumbersome and inefficient process of gathering and processing business, travel and employee expense claims. Zento is a solution that benefits both, the employer and the employee.

The employee has a central point of access where he can create new claims and track the status of existing ones. On the other side, the management receives claims in an orderly, timely manner that can be systematically acted upon and processed for disbursement.

We realize each organization’s workflow for business expense management is unique, so we’ve built in a great deal of customizability into the solution that allows us to take your existing workflow into consideration and make improvements to it as you make the switch to Zento.

Our Heritage

Zento is a product of General Data Private Limited (GDPL). GDPL was formed in 1984 as an Indian company specializing in software development and engineering analysis. Today, we operate primarily within four verticals: Information Management, Web Services, Software Development and Digital Marketing.

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