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Healthcare Industry

Reduce the time and money spent on managing the expenses of healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses, paramedics and other support staff by integrating Zento with your existing healthcare management solution.

Focus on what matters most: providing quality healthcare services to patients. The myriad types of expenses to monitor and need for compliance in managing healthcare expenditure can be simplified with Zento, a central, automated expense management system. Whether its tracking expenses incurred by department or job function, learning the monetary impact of on-field calls and emergency services or processing vendor payments, Zento streamlines expense management for the hospitality sector.

Complete Transparency

Zento gives you a complete drill-down into company expenditure. Analytics on expense claims and spends give actionable insights which allow you to optimize operations and gauge department-wise expenditure.

Integrate and Stay Connected

Integrate travel, expense and invoice data seamlessly to not only give you an updated, holistic picture but also define processes and workflows to automate checks and balances towards vendor and third party partner payments.

Minimum Manual Effort

Allow healthcare professionals and supporting staff to easily capture credit card charges and accompanying expense documents like invoices and receipts.

Budgeting & Compliance

Set spending limits by department, job profile or individual personnel. Continuously track adherence to budget and optimize allocations. Stay compliant with the latest rules and regulations with central policy management.

How Zento Can Help Healthcare Enterprises

Changing re-imbursement policies, unstable utilization, payment reform and other financial challenges mean that hospitals and healthcare organizations face the constant challenge of keeping up with compliance and managing cost controls. Zento helps facilitate the management of your clinic/ hospital/ healthcare organization by integrating employee expenses, invoicing and travel effectively and seamlessly. Time spent on back office processes is significantly reduced, allowing your workforce to concentrate on core healthcare activities.

Manage costs well to allocate budgets prudently

We help you free up funds for more productive endeavors. With a potent expense management system you can make sure that your money is used rationally and prudently in each specific medical department and wellness program – coronary unit, intensive care unit, pediatric unit, etc. Optimize budget application based on historical consumption and utilization patterns.

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Track CME expenses

Track CME (Continuing Medical Education) spending so that your budget is allocated efficiently. Zento provides real-time views of CME spending, so you can sanction budget owners with the tools that are necessary to better tackle costs.

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