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Understanding Business Expenses Expense reports comprise all expenditure incurred by the employee on behalf of the company – whether during regular course of work or towards business travel. Expenditure includes meals, company supplies, hotel stay and all travel like flights and local transportation like taxis and trains. The employee must provide proof of the expense
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Any organization – big or small – requires their employees to travel for business meetings and field/site work – especially for sales and marketing. Travel & Entertainment expenses are typically one of the biggest operational overheads, after salaries and rent. Despite the advent of virtual communications, there’s no substitute for physical, face-to-face meetings in many
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Tracking and accounting of business expenses throughout the financial year can be a labor-intensive and loathsome task for both employees and the processing team – HR & accounts – to accomplish. Employee expense solutions like Zento were born and have been evolving as a direct response to this particular pain area for businesses. Zento will

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Zento recently listed on Techjockey a software discovery, consulting and selling portal headquartered at Gurgaon. It is an online platform having a vertical focused approach that provides software solutions to various small and big enterprises, startups, SMEs, MSMEs, corporate, individuals, etc. all over the country. In their review for ‘10 Most Popular Expense Management Software
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As a company employee, you might need to occasionally travel to meet clients or business associates, be it within the same city or long distance. The costs a company incurs for all these meetings really add up, which is why companies tend to be so strict with employee expense reimbursements. So if you find your
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