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What are T&E expenses? T&E (Travel & Expense OR Travel & Entertainment) expenses are expenses incurred by company employees during business trips or when entertaining clients, prospects and partners to dinners and events. These T&E expenses usually include accommodation, air travel, meals etc. In general, salespeople & business development managers tend to incur the majority
COVID-19 has forced enterprises to employee unorthodox working processes to ensure business continuity, with the biggest departure from normalcy being Work-From-Home policies. Business travel, client meetings, promotional events, tradeshows etc. are all suspended. Small and medium businesses – which account for the livelihoods of most of the world’s population – are arguably the worst hit.
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COVID-19 has brought the world economy down to its knees in the past few months. It has forced the organizations globally, to reconsider their daily operations. While the workforce is in a work-from-home mode connected over Skype or Microsoft Teams, it has regretted the benefits of an office environment unavailable now. For instance, employees accustomed
Business Travel Expense Management Challenges and Solutions
In most companies, the employee expense reimbursement process works independently of wage disbursement. Salary is debited to account monthly like clockwork but when it comes to travel expense reimbursement, there can be many lapses in both process and time taken to settle claims. Each receipt/bill/expenditure has to be penned down with corresponding dates and if
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Growing small businesses constantly face new challenges. While some challenges have simple, straightforward solutions, others do not, especially those related to the financial aspects of the business. Employee expenses is the second largest controllable cost heading in most businesses. Despite this fact, many business owners tend to overlook effective ways to manage and reduce employee
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