Zento- Expense Management Trends
Tracking and accounting of business expenses throughout the financial year can be a labor-intensive and loathsome task for both employees and the processing team – HR & accounts – to accomplish. Employee expense solutions like Zento were born and have been evolving as a direct response to this particular pain area for businesses. Zento will

An Employee’s Guide to Expenses

As a company employee, you might need to occasionally travel to meet clients or business associates, be it within the same city or long distance. The costs a company incurs for all these meetings really add up, which is why companies tend to be so strict with employee expense reimbursements. So if you find your

Zento Featured on FinancesOnline

Zento was recently listed on FinancesOnline, an independent review & comparison platform for B2B, SaaS & Financial Software solutions. In their, review they described our product in detail and gave it a very positive final score. FinancesOnline Distinguishes Zento With 2016 SaaS Awards Zento has been quickly gaining pace as a robust Employee Expense Management
Business travel accounts can take a while to process and sometimes it might feel like settling your travel expense claims is taking longer than the actual trip duration! When the process is offline & manual, it is tedious for the accounting team to calculate and settle travel expense claims, reimbursements, service vendor invoices (like travel
Employee expense settlement is a laborious, complex and time consuming process for both parties – the employee and the company. The company deploys certain guidelines and regulations that need to be adhered to while applying for the claim. Most of the time, gathering data and submitting it to the accounts department is so cumbersome, that

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